Latest Updates

Update v now released on all BookMy Solutions instances.

With the recent development of our solutions, we are happy to announce that we have added new exciting features. Additionally, we have continued to invest time in fixing issues and making improvements to the system.

We have released Help Guides to show you how these new features work and how they can be activated. You can find these under our NEW HELP section in your admin dashboard.

New Features

  • New Guest Checkout
  • Added ability for venue closing message to be shown to the customer (Optional)  
  • New Calendar – Date picker dropdown (Optional)  
  • Simple Events set-up
  • Calendar availability (for venues bookings at capacity on consecutive days) 
  • Package copier for multi-venues under one operator
  • View Customer Booking History (Venue Only)
  • System supports zero value admission lines

Issues Fixed

  • Voucher Payments for PaymentSense
  • Bookings up to or over midnight (00:00)
  • Payment link with no outstanding balance
  • Simple Voucher – email sends to recipient fix
  • Activity based exclusivity
  • Changing Party Rooms
  • Edit payment method area in payment tab
  • Inline day-sheet setting
  • Adding an package without an activity
  • Sunday’s day-sheet with end-times display


  • No availability message only shows if no availability on selected date
  • Start Again button added to Voucher Timeout Page
  • Changes made to split payments across series bookings
  • Marketing list access controlled by Report Access Manager
  • HTTPS links returned on day-sheet
  • Field Keys now return HTTPS links incl. Payment Links
  • Additional Information Fields Return Alphabetical in Reports
  • Condensed information passed to payment providers


If you need any further assistance or want any advice on how you continue to maximise the system use, please get in touch.





Page Updated: 06/08/2020