Trampoline & Inflatables

Whether you have an Trampoline or Inflatable venue, our online booking systems can manage all types of bookings, including party bookings. Our integrated Waiver solution can manage waivers in advance.

Some key features are as follows:

Get your customers to complete a waiver at home or on site. Our system can easily offer one day waivers or one year waivers with flexible age limits. The waivers are then easily matched to bookings.

Frontdesk quickly allows you to match up a customer to a booking or add a walk in sale.

You are able to run all of your business through the same system e.g. the cafe, as well as use it to upsell items such as socks.

We know you need to be creative to stay busy. Use the system to set up a Groupon campaign, facebook discount codes or mail out to last years birthday parties to keep business growing.