Advantages of Using an Online Booking System For Your Business

Advantages of Using an Online Booking System For Your Business 1024 538 SMART Entertainment

Bring your business into the 21st century with our online booking system. When compared with ‘old-school’ booking methods this updated stress-free method adds an exciting twist for filling activities and selling services. In this article we will touch upon some of the advantages of online booking systems.

Advantages of Online Booking Systems

  1. You’re not tied to a phone

If a potential customer calls and you’re unable to answer the phone they’ll get sent to voicemail. They may leave a message or call back later but in reality, they’re most likely to call their second choice. Having the booking online means you can automate this process and this customer can access all the information they need online. 

  1. You get paid quicker

With online bookings, you can request customers to pre-pay for their booking before arriving. This not only puts money in your pocket quicker but also makes the whole user experience smoother as you won’t have to take payment on the day. 

  1. Your open around the clock

In some instances, customers may decide to book your experience or services outside of your working hours. This could cause them to look elsewhere or not to bother at all. Using an online booking system means you’re open 24/7 for bookings. 

  1. Upselling add-ons is easy 

You can start more activities, guides, or expand your business hours to increase your income but all of these require a fair bit of effort. However, if you wanted to add on fun extras like memorabilia or photo packages you can easily add them to the system to show when checking out. 

  1. Maximise reservations

If a customer has already paid for their slot then they’re much more likely to show up compared to those paying upon arrival. If they can’t make it they’d need to cancel online to receive a refund and the slot will automatically open back up again giving others the chance to book it. 

  1. It’s easy to manage your calendar

You can access the up-to-date calendar on your mobile from where ever you are as long as you have internet. 

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