SMART booking solutions: Booking for the new normal

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Take Bookings, Manage Occupancy, Adhere to Social Distancing

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant businesses across the country have had to adapt quickly to new ways of operating.

Simple-to-use and quick to set-up, SMART Bookings Solutions are a cost-effective way to help activity-based businesses like yours reopen with confidence, operate efficiently, and provide a welcoming customer experience in compliance with social distancing measures.

Capacity-Limited Time-Slots and Online Bookings

In these turbulent times, it’s essential that businesses have control over the volume of people on site at any time. SMART lets you manage these numbers, allowing you to create capacity-limited time-slots for a range of services.

These slots can then be easily booked by customers online, on any device. Helping to reduce queues, waiting times and the potential for over-crowding; and ensuring the on-site experience is welcoming, pleasant and in line with all health and safety measures.

Easy Booking Process For Customers

Customer experience is going to be a vital measure of success in the coming months, which is why businesses will need to make it as easy and convenient as possible for customers to access their services, such as a simple, online booking process, that can be accessed with ease via a company website and social media channels.

Accessible from any device, SMART Booking Solutions lets people search for and quickly book available time slots. Once booked, the customer receives a confirmation email, and optional SMS, plus a follow-up reminder ahead of their appointed time.  

What Businesses Do SMART Booking Solutions Work With?

SMART Booking Solutions can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, but in the main we work alongside activity based businesses such as soft play centres, paintball & go carting venues and farm parks.

A Brand Consistent, Feature Rich System

SMART Booking Solutions can be tailored to include your company’s logo, images and content to maintain brand consistency in the booking process.

In addition, the system comes complete with an easy-to-use back-end system, featuring a dashboard showing real-time data, and tools for managing bookings, occupancy levels, availability, waiting lists, promotional codes and customer information.

Providing a full suite of tools to manage bookings and site access without impacting on precious time.

Quick Set-Up, Transparent Pricing and Expert Support

Having been established for 20 years, our team at SMART are experts at what they do. We understand what businesses need and have built our solutions to be flexible and affordable so that our customers can be as competitive as possible.

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