Planning a soft-play business?

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SMART’s Experience

First things first, when reading this article is that you probably want to know why on earth you should listen to a technology firm about how to run a venue. The truth is that our team has over 35 years of experience in running businesses in the leisure industry. We are attuned to the needs of the industry and are experienced in setting up and running successful soft play centres.


When planning a new business, you need to consider why you are going into industry. It is a big step to open a venue and by thinking about why you are doing it and what you would like to achieve it helps you to delve deeper into your plan for the venture and helps to shape your vision, aims and investment. 

What is your angle? USP, brand?

One of the most important parts of planning a soft play centre is finding the angle that it is going to take. What is it about this business that is going to be different? It is this question that informs the brand of the company. By thinking and creating a unique voice for the business, one can direct the marketing towards an efficiently targetable customer base. This will have a significant influence on your venue design. Design and brand must work hand in hand together to build a strong offering in the market.

Location physical and online

Something that will inform the brand of a business is its location. Other competition in the area as well as other factors such as passing trade, the concentration of suitable customers in the area and facilities such as parking will need to be considered. By using this data based on location, not only can it be used to find suitable locations, but it can influence the type of consumer that you target with your brand. 

  • Nowadays, business not only have a physical location, but they also need an online presence. An online presence allows a company to advertise 24/7, even when the venue is closed. Online booking can accentuate this effect by allowing payments at all times. An online strategy that is coherent with the brand voice is a crucial element of a successful business. Find out how online booking can benefit your business.